Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revealing your highest potential...

So while chanting today, I had a chain of realizations. About revealing our highest potential. I write this post mostly for myself. But also for who may benefit from reading it. I hope I can inspire/help at least one person with this post. So here we go...

First: Victory or defeat is directly related to the causes we make in this life.

This one is pretty straightforward. If we want to be a great baseball player, we got to make the cause of practicing earnestly. If we want to excel in school, we need to put the hours in to studying sincerely. If we do not put the hard yards in, we won't get the result. Plain and simple, right?

Second: The causes you make in this life are directly related to the commitment you make to a particular direction.

Lets use the example of becoming a great baseball player. How much are we committed to becoming a great baseball player? The answer to this question is directly related to how badly do we want to be a phenomenal baseball player. This "how badly do we want it" question directly drives our commitment. We may want something, and yet be okay without it. For example: we may want that Mercedes SLR McLaren Sportster, yet be cool with a Nissan Sentra. This leads to the general subconscious attitude of "It's great 'if' I get it." May surprise you, but this is the general modus operandi of a lot of people. Including me. You with me here?

Third: The strength of your commitment is directly related to how bad do you want it, but (and here's the kicker) is also subconsciously related to your own conviction in your own life.

In other words in your confidence in yourself. Say you are about to perform a high jump. The way you jump will be totally related to how confident you feel of making it. Yes, you can make it even after not being confident of succeeding, but your chances of success go much higher if you are confident about making it. Your body language, the way it flows is greatly influenced by how confident you feel. Ever had experience of being in the zone, when you can do no wrong. Now think back to that time...did you have any hesitation, any fear in not being able to make it? OR did everything flow including your confidence?

And therefore victory or defeat in whatever you do in life, is directly related or at least greatly influenced by your confidence in yourself.

Your greatest potential, your greatest victories are hidden behind your fear of your own self, your lack of confidence in your own self. Develop total conviction in your own self and reveal your highest potential!

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