Friday, September 24, 2010

You, me and love...

Why do we ever hold back?,
When love is all we got to give?,
Why do we ever need to protect ourselves?,
Can pure love ever be harmed?,
Does pure love ever need any protection?,

Lets give in to love,
Let's open our hearts and let the dam break,
Let our love flood the universe,
Let love encompass us all,
Lets give in to loving ourselves we are,
Lets love ourselves now, today,
Not tomorrow, when we will be this perfect being,

Lets learn to love,
Lets learn to accept,
Lets learn to embrace ourselves before we learn to embrace anyone else,
Because there is no separation...there is no else.

Let our cup of love overflow with abundance, love and peace for all,
Love for ourselves will teach everyone how to love,
And then lets love...
And then lets love some more...and more...

Lets give in to love,
Because love is there all is,
You, me and everyone else is love in human clothing :-)

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