Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing dies...

Nothing dies...everything transforms,
Frustration into understanding,
Restlessness into calmness,
Anger into love,
Hatred into understanding then love,
Pain into compassion,
Weakness into strength,
War into peace,
Inspiration transforms into greatness,
Fall into Spring,
Spring into Summer,
Summer into Fall.

It is inevitable,
If it is inevitable,
Then why resist,
Why wait,
Why not start now,
And transform in this moment,
This moment is all we have.

Let's pick one thing that we would like to change,
Then transform it,
Be it ill-relation with a neighbor,
Be it our irreconcilable differences with our colleague,
Be it our relation with our parents, our spouse, our friends,
Be it our relationship with ourselves,
Lets transform, lets transform now...

Lets flow with the rhythm of the universe,
And the rhythm is transformation, change, love, purity, music, life, peace.
Lets transform,
Lets start now,
Lets make the changes in our life that are inevitable,
And gain in the process,
Become bigger, better human beings,
Lets show what honor and privilege it is to be part of the human race...

Lets transform, lets transform now...

1 comment:

  1. It is best of all of your poems...You have written it from your heart this time!

    No fantasy, it has the essence of reality in it...and there you go!! All thumbs up for you!


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