Friday, April 6, 2012

Messengers of Peace

We the SGI,
We the messengers of peace,
We create the land of tranquil light wherever we go,
We create comfort and joy with our actions,
Regard each religion, each philosophy, not with tolerance but with respect,
We live the Bodhisattva way!

We are the jewels of the Treasure Tower,
We form the Eagle Peak,
We are the Land of Tranquil Light!

We make others challenges our own,
We have the fervent prayer of transforming suffering into joy,

Above all we have the noblest mission,
The mission of the Bodhisattva.

Let us define our victory,
Let us win our victory,
For victory is already ours,
For we are the Bodhisattvas!

Let's win...

In this year of 2012,
Lets define our victory,
Lets fight towards it,
Lets carve out our life to our convictions,
Lets play the wonderful drama of life,
Lets challenge ourselves,
Lets become comfortable being uncomfortable,
And while we are at it,
Lets dance, lets laugh, lets feel the fresh air,
Lets hear the birds sing, lets soak in the sun,
Let the waves of the ocean wet our feet, lets feel the soft grass,
Lets win my people, lets live out our wonderful lives!