Saturday, September 11, 2010

Through the mirage of life...

In the mirage of life I walk,
Wondering what is real what is not,
Every moment I experience,
With every experience I grow,
I try to see it from my heart,
The more I do, the better I get,
A ray of hope shines,
Shedding light on all life,
With a flash I see all life,
the illusion and the reality of it,
All beautiful, all pure,
Leading us all to the ultimate light,
the ultimate enlightenment of our soul!

My head bows down to the magnificence of life,
Justice never could the words...


  1. Beautiful and true...your words and heart are both!

  2. @Tako: Thank you!!! You are one of the most special people I have ever your feedback means a lot.

    With love in my heart, I send it to you, all the way in Japan, lives a special person. Takako is her name!!! :-)


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