Sunday, May 2, 2010

What will you...

This poem came from within me during my darkest times...the time when I was most struggling. I hope whoever reads it gets courage, and strength out of it. Without any further ado....the poem titled "What will you"

What will you…

In the darkness of the night,

When there seems to be no ray of hope,

When the wind current seem strong and against you,

When it feels like the autumn of your life,

When every fallen leaf hits you on the face,

When it feels like you are walking through a cold dessert,

When your heart feels the strong thirst for love,

When your feet seem like sinking in the cold sand,

When your life seems so breakable, so fragile,

What will you…

Will you still stand up and show the courage,

Ready to take the next blow,

Will you strengthen the resolve to fight back,

When you feel the anger and frustration inside you,

Will you still do the right thing,

Will you still hope for the next drop of water,

The next drop of love, the next drop of peace,

Will you still imagine what your hero would have done,

When human kind seems to be turning evil and cold,

Will you still believe in their positive side?,

In all of the hopelessness and mayhem of life,

Will you still have the wisdom to see it as your doing and the courage to change it,

When your past karma seems to be catching up with you,

Will you still have the kindness to be kind, forgive yourself and others,

And change your karma,

When everything around you makes you lose your hope,

Will you still have the strength and will to hope just one more time,

Will you stand up with faith, courage, wisdom, hope, resolve, love, compassion, strength, patience and fearlessness?,

The question is: what will you do if the entire human race depended on you and you were it’s hero?,

What will you,

What will you,

What will you...

Ravi H-

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