Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nara na na na na na naaaaa....Nara na na na na na naaaa....

So what's this, na, na about. Well, it's a tune that I started singing without noticing it. The tune came to me after this beautiful conversation with this awesomely beautiful person. So the story is: After today's Nichiren Buddhist meeting we were all hanging out and connecting with each other. And, this person, her name is Katrina, is leaving a well settled job, a great circle of friends, a beautiful small city to explore USA...and through that explore herself, her life, her heart, and her being. It is unbelievably beautiful. Why? Well, how many people do you know who have the guts to follow their passion, their dreams? She is setting an example for a lot of us to vigorously follow our dreams, our passion, our road less travelled, whatever it may be.

My conversation with her was beautiful, profound, and then some more! :-) We chatted about her feelings about her journey, Nichiren Buddhism and how it is helping her to really go for “it”, Eckhard Tolle, The New Earth, meditation and peace. We talked about the dialogue from Fight Club where Brad Pitt says: “The things you own end up owning you.” And her difficult feelings about selling everything and letting it go. Now don't get me wrong. This girl is not a monk with shaved head, who meditates 12 hrs a day. She is you, she is me, just like anyone else.

One of the key notes (of many :-)) from this conversation was: the place of chanting and meditation along side it. We both felt that we need to chant to break through the shackles of our mind, our ego. Chanting is like revving up your car, and going full speed towards your dreams, your goals, your life. It has also provided me tremendous inner breakthroughs. Not all easy to deal with, yet the truth of my life. And then there is meditation. I love chanting and I love meditating. I was kind of torn between the two. But now I have realized they both have their place and serve a purpose. I feel meditation grounds me. Makes me still. And then winds blowing a thousand miles per hour don't bother me. I am still, when everything around me is shaking, moving and is in utter chaos. That feeling is priceless.

I would really encourage anyone who has never experienced chanting Nam-yoho-renge-kyon or meditated to their breath to really try it. Don't expect enlightenment in your first 10 secs though ;-). It's just like exercising your muscles. You slowly get better at it. But every now and then you get a supreme glimpse of this state which is pure peace, understanding, and love. Life's problems do not go away, but they start affecting you less. It's like you have a shield and not everything gets through!

And back to the song, it's bliss, singing it, being present, becoming aware....what can I say, life is Nara na na na na na na....Nara na na na na na na na... :-)

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