Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh mother

On the auspicious occasion of Mother's day here's a small poem dedicated to all of the mothers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Oh mother"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh mother, how do I even sing a praise in your glory,
Am I even worthy enough, You are the reason I am alive, You are the source of my life, Through my growing years you have given me your all, When I have come home hungry, you have fed me, You have listened to my forever school stories with absolute enthusiasm, You have consoled my heart when I have been heart broken, You have rejoiced with me in my joys, And suffered with me through my sorrows, You have danced with me the goofy dance, You have cared for me when I have asked you to care no more, You have given me your bite of food so I don't sleep hungry, While you yourself have gone empty stomach to bed, You have protected me with all your might and with your life, You have given to me when there was nothing to give and then given me some more, And stood with me with courage, sacrificing yourself so I can have, You embody infinite compassion, infinite love, infinite craziness, infinite sunshine. I am but a passing piece of history, While your glory shines forever, Oh mother, Oh mother, Oh mother, I bow to you, There's no equal of you, Oh mother, Oh mother, Oh mother, How do I even sing a praise in your glory, Am I even worthy enough, Oh mother, Oh mother, Oh mother....

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